The Best Blog Posts on ADHD
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    The ADHD Awareness Month Coalition reached out to our community of writers who blog about ADHD, and asked them to contribute their most popular, impactful post that spoke to any aspect of ADHD Awareness.
    Below, you will find their contributions to the 2014 campaign.


    1. Find a College Where Your Child with ADHD Can Succeed! — Bass Educational Services
    2. The Worst Advice I Gave my ADHD Child — About-FACE Life Coaching for ADHD
    3. Asking for what you need without over-explaining — AgiliZen
    4. That’s ADHD again? You Don’t Say! Listen Closely and Hear the Effects of ADHD on Communication — Mark Bertin, MD
    5. ADHD Goes to School — Mark Bertin, MD
    6. Undiagnosed ADHD Adults at Risk: Reaching Out to the 85% — ADD Crusher
    7. ADHD in Adults – Symptoms and Natural Treatments — Healthy Intuitions
    8. The Worst ADHD Advice I’ve Ever Heard — Gifted With ADD
    9. ADHD and 20 Ways to Remember What You Want — ADD to Done
    10. Managing Your ADHD With The Right Tool — Marla Cummins
    11. ADHD and Finding Solutions — Marla Cummins
    12. How a Change in Schools Transformed My ADHD Son’s Educational Path — My Life as 3D
    13. Moms Have Feelings Too: 7 Ways to Deal with Rude (Pre)Teens — ImpactADHD
    14. Tom’s Top 1 List for the Current and Future ADHD Self-Employed, Small Business Folks, and Entrepreneurs — Tom Dooley
    15. Blog Day Afternoon – On ADHD Strengths/Differences — Tom’s Blog
    16. Blog Day Afternoon – How Can I Make Coffee if I Haven’t Had Coffee Yet? — Tom’s Blog
    17. Celebrate the Positive Qualities of ADHD — Coaching for ADHD
    18. ADHD: Gift or Curse? — Coaching ADDvantages
    19. Belief in and Hope for ADHD Children — Alta Neuro-Imaging Neurofeedback ADHD Blog
    20. The “ADHD Shadow” at High Noon — Focus For Effectiveness
    21. ADD/ADHD – The Social and Self-esteem Disorder — ADD and ADHD Advice Blog
    22. What is so Difficult about Doing Homework? — PTSCoaching
    23. No More Agendas — TotallyADD Blog
    24. Mothers with ADHD More Likely to Have Children with Autism — Integrated Listening Systems
    25. Blinded by the Light — Douglas Harris
    26. Tips, Tools and Strategies for Managing the College Application Process for Students with ADHD — Pathways To Success
    27. Destination Procrastination — The ADDled Brain
    28. Side Effects May Include: Humiliation, Judgment, and Stigma — Different Drummer
    29. An Evolutionary New Idea: Neuroscience, Willpower, and ADHD — Time Savor Coaching
    30. Domestic Enemies of the Mom with ADHD — It’s a Beautiful Life
    31. Monday Morning Motivation & ADHD Fugue — Judy Jerome
    32. Dr. Hallowell’s Response to “Ritalin Gone Wrong” — Mindfulness Matters Musings
    33. Causes of ADHD — Kretschmar Neurofeedback and Chiropractic
    34. Taking a “Medication Holiday” from ADD/ADHD? — Craig Liden
    35. 5 Reasons We Know ADD is Real — The Being Well Center
    36. 5 Things You Need to Know (but don’t) About ADD/ADHD — The Being Well Center
    37. Why Managing Employees With ADD/ADHD Involves ‘Mutual Conversation’ — Victor Lipman
    38. Learning Outside the Box — Barbara Lipscomb
    39. Neurofeedback: Like Resetting a Locked-Up Computer — The Hummingbird Effect
    40. Wake Me Up When It’s All Over — ADHD CoachConnect Blogs
    41. Wondering What a Pill Will Do To Me — Attentionality
    42. What is Your Focus Blueprint? — Notes from The Focus Blueprint
    43. Too Many Choices Lead To Inaction — Thrive with ADD
    44. I’m Sick of Explaining my Brain! — Judy Mouland Life Coach
    45. 6 Ways Yoga Can Help Your ADHD Symptoms — An ADD Woman
    46. Six Signs ADHD May Be Part of Your Marriage — Melissa Orlov
    47. Brain Science Evolves Beyond Appearances – It’s A Process Not An Event — Charles Parker, MD
    48. Cooking for ADHD: Ten Cookbooks For ADHD Diets — The Un-Ritalin Solution
    49. Positively Not Perffect — Coach Me Rhonda
    50. Life with ADD — On the couch with chocolate

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