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Mind over Matter

Some time back in an earlier organization, my team-mate Arpi telephoned me from the office while I was on a field trip and working in scorching field conditions in Central India. Arpi, utterly oblivious to my exact situation, brought Shalin from the IT department on the line for a discussion to resolve a pending operational … Read more

ADHD in Perimenopause and Menopause

Lisa Uotinen

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 50, after having gone through 5 years of difficulty with focus and attention. I went through a period of “grief”, because I had lived so many years in turmoil without knowledge of ADHD or treatment. Now, however, I am moving to a place of hope and … Read more

Adult Diagnosis Tips

Shelly Lyons

Identified as an ADHDer at 39… “Ohhhhh, so that’s what’s been going on! What a relief…I am not a dumb Brown University graduate after all…Maybe they didn’t make a mistake admitting me… Wait a second!…You mean I went through over 30 years of really hard times when I didn’t have to? If only I had … Read more

Hiding Beneath Anxiety & Anger

crying child

I have a nail-biter. My 10-year old middle son is also the family’s Head of Health & Safety. He has always been a cautious, teetering on anxious, soul. Post-pandemic, however, his anxiety sky rocketed and school, which he’d previously enjoyed, became a struggle. He was terrified of not ‘fitting in’ and of not being ‘good … Read more

A child heard but not seen

Lucien Sorce

I’m Lucien and I work at a global software company. At my school teachers deemed my grades acceptable, along with my acceptance to a top 20 University to study chemistry; I wasn’t SEEN as a student with ADHD as it was associated with ‘naughty’ or ‘hyperactive’ students only. Instead I was labelled as lazy, disorganised … Read more

Why is your phone in the linen closet?

Oh, THAT’S why I’m hungry! I put my lunch in the microwave, and thought I should do something while it heats. I went to put washing in the machine, but there was already stuff in there. I went to hang the washing up but there were sheets on the line. Oops! I think they’d been … Read more

Tips for other families

From a parental perspective our story is more about a fight against high tides in our society. Yes, fighting for some new methods such as QEEG scan of the brain to be recognised as a very helpful tool, is unbelievably hard but rewarding. Fighting with school in time of no financial resources for school assessment … Read more

Validation, Acceptance, and Management

In the 4th grade I was chosen to participate in a program called Academically Talented Children. Although cognitively able to meet those high expectations, I did not have the executive function necessary to be successful in such an advanced program. I had no motivation to do school. I wanted to socialize and challenge rules. I … Read more