2014 PODCASTS

    As part of ADHD Awareness Month 2014, ADDA created TADD Talks, where 31 experts Talked about ADD. You can listen to the TADD Talks by clicking on any of the links below.

    1. Dr. David Nowell discusses How ADHD Look in Adults
    2. Dr. Russell Barkley discusses The Causes of ADHD in Adults and Children
    3. Dr. John Bailey discusses Treatment Options – Stimulant Medication
    4. Cathi Zillman discusses ADHD Treatment: Medication Delivery Systems
    5. Dr. Alan Graham discusses Other ADHD treatment options such as brain games, memory training, etc. Do they work?
    6. Dr. Mark Bertin discusses an ADHD treatment option, Mindful Meditation – How Does It Help the Brain Slow Down to Think Better?
    7. Dr. Russell Ramsay discusses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Traditional Talk Therapy for ADHD Treatment
    8. Jeff Copper discusses Exercise: How Does it Help the ADHD Brain Think Better?
    9. Dr. Theresa Cerulli discusses Non-stimulant ADHD medications
    10. Dr. Craig Surman discusses how to Get The Most Out of Your ADHD Treatment
    11. Dr. Roberto Olivardia discusses Comorbid disorders: Eating Disorders and ADHD
    12. Dr. Jay Carter discusses Comorbid disorders: ADHD and Bipolar Disorder
    13. Dr. Patricia Quinn discusses Women and Girls with ADHD
    14. Dr. Virginia Hurley discusses Handling Distractibility and Inattention – Can Life’s Journey Be Made More Focused?
    15. Alan Brown discusses Smile! The Happiness Factor That Improves Attitude and Focus
    16. Eric Tivers discusses Electronic Strategies that Powerfully Impact Your ADHD
    17. Laurie Dupar discusses The Time Monster—Why ADHD Folks Have Trouble with Time and What They Can Do to Change It
    18. Dr. Kim Kensington discusses Procrastination, Getting Started and Getting Done for the ADHD Adult
    19. Melissa Orlov discusses Building Intimate Relationships that Include ADHD
    20. Drs. Sarah Ferman and Robert Wilford discuss How ADHD Impacts Your Relationships by Sweating the Small Stuff
    21. Dr. Ari Tuckman answers a burning question: How Does ADHD Affect a Couples’ Sex Life?
    22. David Giwerc discusses From Pathology to Positivity with ADHD – Why It Works and Needs to Be Expanded
    23. Dr. Billi Bittan discusses How to Leverage Your ADHD to your Advantage
    24. Dr. Michele Novotni discusses Cooking up a Storm with ADHD
    25. Linda Walker discusses ADHD @ Work
    26. Dr. Miriam Reiss discusses The Right Job for You, ADHD Style
    27. Elaine Taylor-Klaus discusses Parenting an ADHD Child When You Have ADHD Yourself!
    28. Robert Tudisco discusses ADHD Students – Transitioning to College and/or Employment
    29. Sarah Wright discusses ADHD Coaching Matters
    30. Linda Roggli discusses I Have WHAT? ADHD Diagnosis for the 40+ Crowd
    31. Rick Green discusses Dealing with Dismissal, Disdain, Denial from Others – and Your Own Doubts

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    2013 Coalition Webinar Recordings

    Did you miss an event, or want to listen to the presentation again? Click on any of these links to access the recording of that event.

    10/01/13 What is ADHD? Explaining it to Family, Friends, Teachers, & Colleagues
    10/02/13 Got ADHD? Get Aware! ADHD Awareness Month Is Here!
    10/08/13 The Adult ADHD Appointment: Helping Your Doctor, Therapist, or Coach Help You
    10/10/13 Do You Have Adult ADHD? Signs & Symptoms
    (sign in to listen to recording)
    10/24/13 Top Tips for Combating Stigma and Addressing Myths about ADHD

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