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10/28/13 – Encore Webinar Series: ADHD Medication Q&A

ADHD Medication Q&A with John Bailey MD. After education, medication is the keystone of good function with ADHD; but there is a lot you should know about ADHD meds to make them work well for you and your lifestyle. Stimulant medications are the most effective and widely prescribed type and generate the most interest, questions, and, perhaps, problems. However, much of the problem occurs when these products are used by physicians and patients without the needed understanding of how they differ in their delivery systems and capabilities.

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10/29/13 – Live a Great Life: Best Medical and Alternative Therapies

Live a Great Life with ADHD: Best Medical and Alternative Therapies. On Tuesday, October 29, at 1:00 PM Eastern time, join this webinar with Ned Hallowell, M.D.
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10/30/13 – The Leverage ADHD System: Turning Symptoms into Assets

The Leverage ADHD System: Turning Symptoms into Assets Webinar. Navigating the vast array of ADHD coaching strategies and techniques can be overwhelming for people with ADHD. Having too many choices can leave many of us running in circles. Wouldn’t it be great if you could streamline your ADHD management plan? Dr. Billi will explain how the LEVERAGE ADHD system™ does that for you. Using the uplifting and easy-to-remember acronym of LEVERAGE, this powerful self-coaching tool breaks down ADHD management into 8 efficient stages consisting of Learn, Evaluate, Validate, Express, Reframe, Act, Grow, and Explore.

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Coalition Event Recordings

Did you miss an event, or want to listen to the presentation again? Click on any of these links to access the recording of that event.

10/24/13 Top Tips for Combating Stigma and Addressing Myths about ADHD
10/21/13 Diagnosing ADHD: What You (& Your Doctor) Need to Know (sign in to listen to recording)
10/16/13 Science’s New Understanding of the Disorder
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10/10/13 Do You Have Adult ADHD? Signs & Symptoms
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10/08/13 The Adult ADHD Appointment: Helping Your Doctor, Therapist, or Coach Help You
10/02/13 Got ADHD? Get Aware! ADHD Awareness Month Is Here!
10/01/13 What is ADHD? Explaining it to Family, Friends, Teachers, & Colleagues

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