The Best Blog Posts on ADHD
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The ADHD Awareness Month Coalition reached out to our community of writers who blog about ADHD, and asked them to contribute their most popular, impactful post that spoke to any aspect of ADHD Awareness.
Below, you will find their contributions to the 2014 campaign.

  1. Is It Miscommunication or ADHD? — Adult ADHD Relationships
  2. Neutral and Positive Responses to Attention Difficulties — QWERTY Education Services Blog
  3. ADHD: Ignore It Now, Jail Time Later – 15 Clinical Studies — Adult ADD Strengths
  4. What is ADHD Coaching? — Dana Rayburn
  5. Managing Your Emotions — Spirited Marketing
  6. ADD Diagnosis — On the couch with chocolate
  7. Homeschooling with ADHD: Managing Expectations — Look! We’re Learning!
  8. Understanding and Surviving Your Defiant Child — The Life Unexpected
  9. Acceptance… Redefining the Definition — Marianne Russo
  10. The High Cost Of A Quick Fix For Children With Behavioral Issues — The Coffee Klatch
  11. How to Get Organized with Adult ADHD — Liesje Sadonius
  12. Colored File Folders and the Organization of Life — Megan Solo
  13. 5 Positive Traits of ADHD Adults — Get NutMegged ADHD
  14. Every Day is Groundhog Day When You Have ADHD — Get NutMegged ADHD
  15. Beware the Barrenness of a Busy Life — Andrea Shapb
  16. The Most Important Type of ADHD Awareness — Untapped Brilliance
  17. Time Out for Parents — JST Coaching
  18. What Might True ADHD look like at Work — The Distracted Executive
  19. The New York Times Endorses “Fearmongering” — The ADD Project
  20. The Secret Lives of Women with ADHD — World of Psychology
  21. Tips for Juggling Life in Today’s Frenetic World — Margarita Tartakovsky
  22. Subtle Signs You May Have Adult ADHD — PsychCentral
  23. 10 Daily Habits That Help You Manage ADHD — Margarita Tartakovsky
  24. Fidgeting Strategies That Help People with ADHD Focus — Margarita Tartakovsky
  25. Parenting Through Denial — ImpactADHD – Elaine Taylor-Klaus
  26. 5 Reasons to Unleash Your Creative Genius — Unleash Your Creative Genius
  27. Proud to Call Myself an “ADDer” — Lollie Weeks
  28. Friendship Tips for Adults with ADHD — The Fortuitous Housewife
  29. I Don’t Know What Normal Means — Boy Without Instructions
  30. Why Managing Employees with ADHD Involves Mutual Conversation —  Victor Lipman
  31. Adults with ADHD: Tips for Juggling Life in Today’s Frenetic World —  Margarita Tartakovsky
  32. Belief in and Hope for ADHD Children —  Dr. Stephen A Ferrari
  33. Six Signs ADHD May BeBe Part of your Marriage  —  Melissa Orlov
  34. ADHD and 20 Ways to Remember What You Want — Marla Cummins
  35.  The Galileo Moment  —  Dr. Charles Parker
  36. ADHD and Finding Solutions —  Marla Cummins
  37. An Evolutionary New Idea: Neuroscience, Willpower, and ADHD  —   Virginia Hurley
  38. Titration of Vyvanse  —   Dr. Charles Parker
  39.  Celebrate the Positive Qualities of ADHD  —    Laurie Dupar
  40. Beware the Barrenness of a Busy Life — Andrea Sharb
  41. Intuniv Details  —  Dr. Charles Parker
  42. Fidgeting Strategies that help people with ADHD Focus — Margarita Tartakovsky
  43. ADHD & FItness — Muscles & Munchkins
  44. Three Strategies to a Less Chaotic Life — Sue West, Life Management & ADHD Coach
  45. The ADHD Parent Trap — Ally Martin
  46. One Phrase Every Parent Should Know — carinasjournal
  47. Down to the Wire Again?! — Coaching ADDvantages
  48. The Truth Is You Are Not the Only Parent Concerned About Your Teens Lack of Social Skills — Carlene Bauwens of About-FACE Life Coaching for ADHD
  49. Inattention Paradox — Attention Solutions
  50. I blame the parents — Ally Martin
  51. ADHD: Making change and inspiring others—Mary Laumbach-Perez, Auditory Processing Disorders Awareness Coalition
  52. (DEHB) hakkında bilinmesi gerekenler (Facts about ADHD) — ONLINEANNE (Turkish)
  53. Should Kids with ADHD Play Video Games? — Randy Kulman
  54. Living with Finley… — Living With Finley
  55. You Can’t Just Quit ADHD, Even If You Want To — Return, Forgetful Muse

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