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By Children

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Award Winner

Living with ADHD

I live successfully with ADHD. I wanted to help create awareness of what it is like to live with ADHD.

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Award Winner

How to deal with ADHD

Making our video was a very fun and educational experience. We did a lot of research and created a lasting memory.

Honorable Mention

Alex's ADHD

My video is about me, a teenager who recently discovered that I have ADHD.

Giuliana's Setting The Record Straight

Nine year old, Giuliana, sets the record straight about the wonderful traits many people with ADHD have and why we love them.

Harrison's ADHD Video

I listed some strengths and weaknesses of my ADHD and how I manage all of them.

Girls Like Me have ADHD

My life changed for the better since finding out I have inattentive ADHD. I want other girls to not fear to get help too.

Setting the Record Straight...about Bullying

When you have ADHD you also have bullying. I don't think I have met anyone that has not been bullied with or without ADHD...

Homework Tips

In my video, I talk about strategies that I have learned to help me successfully complete my homework

By Families

Judges' Choice
Award Winner

A Diagnosis Shouldn't Dictate Your Life

Just a little compilation of how we didn't let our son't diagnosis dictate how we live our life

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Award Winner

Setting the Record Straight

Taking the theme of this years ADHD awareness contest of Setting the Record Straight and this little awareness video was born

By Adults

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Puggy Head

Breaking News: ADHDers have mini slot machines in their heads...!

Viewers' Choice
Award Winner

Here to Say

"Here To Say" sums up my life with ADHD

Honorable Mention

Diversity Challenge

In this final round of the game show 'Diversity Challenge' highlights the many misconceptions surrounding ADHD....

What It Feels Like to Have Executive Dysfunction (ADHD)

The video shows the (daily) struggle of a person with ADHD trying to start some important work. And failing.

When Women Battle ADHD and Borderline Personality Disorder

What it looks like when you live with ADHD & Borderline personality disorder, or BPD. Beautifully Broken with Painful Purpose

Girl Boss

After years of trying to fix my ADHD skill deficits I have decided to focus on my strengths!

By Professionals

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Parents Need to Control Emotions Too

When a parent-child conflict is ramping up, job ONE is to Self Regulate. Yelling louder isn't good for long term results.

Are You Fighting Your ADHD?

What would happen if rather than seeing ADHD as something you fight, you started to see it as something you work with?

3 insights to Help You Get it Right

Paying attention to three important insights to mindset, motivation, and environment for those with ADHD.

Experience of ADHD for students in the Classroom

Experience what it is like to have ADHD in the through the doodlings of a very bright 7th-grade student during math class.

Dr. Ned Hallowell Tips

What's one of the best, and yet rarely recognized or discussed, ADHD management tools? Ongoing creative outlets.

How Do You Fare on These 3 Indicators of ADHD?

Melissa Orlov, marriage consultant of, invites you to see if her 3 potential indicators of ADHD apply to you.

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