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74 Years Undiagnosed

ADHD wrecked my life, after experiencing much trauma all my life.

Terrible abuse by 1st husband, then 2nd husband died, along with son, parents and 3 siblings. Worked all my life. Abandoned by 2 daughters & 5 grandchildren & am on a minimum dose of Ritalin and Buspar which helps a little but should be increased, IMO.

I discovered ADHD, not a doctor, and am angry that nobody recognized this. I am a 4-time cancer survivor, elderly and an amputee with a severe hearing problem who is struggling with those issues while fighting daily to overcome this disorder. I am no longer able to converse with people on the phone nor able to get inside my church, much less understand sermons or connect with others except through occasional texts/emails. BTW, I have no idea where my children are or how to reach them. There’s much yet to be said but this is the gist of my life. I must add that through God’s grace, I am at least able to function day to day.

Carol Dilgard