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October is the ADHD Awareness Month

We are so very grateful for the enthusiasm and interest that people have shown regarding 2018 ADHD Awareness Month as we work to   Set the Record Straight.

Armed with recent information about ADHD and research-supported practices, life can be better for you and those you know with ADHD.

We thank all who have visited our website and shared the information, voted for their favorite contest entries, gone to our Facebook page, signed up to our mailing list, as well as those who submitted informative, funny and heartfelt videos, memes, stories and art.

Thanks, too, go to our judges, Alan Brown of ADD Crusher and Rick Green of  TotallyADD, as well as our other sponsors: Akili Interactive, and Shire Pharmaceuticals.

Check out the information on our site and those of our supporters. In addition to sharing the facts and dispelling the myths about ADHD, you can help set the record straight:

Before you go, take a few minutes to check out our resources. And click on any of the logos at the bottom of this page and you’ll have access to some of the best information and help for ADHD that you’ll find on the web.

And sign up for our Mailing List to join the movement! We’ll keep you posted on updates.