From a child with ADD
to an Adult with ADD

I’m a 27 year old mom of 3, I was diagnosed With ADD in 3rd grade.

As a child I never understood why I had to be different from other kids. I never understand why I struggled to understand a simple math problem that took other kids seconds to understand that took me weeks to understand.

Today as an adult I have fully educated myself on my ADD I still do not understand any of those math problems. I now struggle emotionally, and mentally with my ADD it affects not just my education now but my everyday life as a mom and a. Adult period. I ask myself every day “ why me.”

I struggle to do normal bribes, like keep a clean house, I struggle to teach my kids the simple math problems that I as an adult should know. I struggle to explain to teach my children how to tell time on a simple clock hanging on the wall because I still do not understand it. My life is chaotic , messy and unorganized. I am Seaira i have adult ADD. And I am struggling day by day to be normal.
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