Getting a degree with ADHD

I am at university and adhd is RUINING MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

I somehow made it through my first year but I can tell I’m not going to be able to do that again this year and it sucks I have to wait so long or somehow pay for a private appointment to get medication that I know I desperately need, my life literally feels like it’s falling apart.

While I should be studying or looking after myself and my finances, I’m procrastinating every second of every day and falling further and further behind even though I really want to get a high grade and procrastinating is the last thing I should be doing, I’m forgetting to clean my teeth, eat and go to classes, I’m daydreaming in lessons, conversations and annoying my friends by being too hyper and emotional, I’m also terrible at looking after my finances and I already can’t afford rent down the line. I can’t get a job I’m too scattered right now, I can’t do work, my life’s crumbling!

I love ADHD but right now… I need it to sit down and HELP ME!!