How Employers Succeed At Using Your ADHD To Terminate You

I was a great worker for sixteen years at a company. My manager shared she had ADHD and I then shared my ADHD.

The next year, the workload increased dramatically. The manager stated not to worry and do your best. Naively believing her, I believed she would stand up for us in the event of workload issues. Sadly, I was targeted and there is no doubt in my mind since she had ADHD herself and knew how the ADHD mind works, she exasperated my symptoms. Other employees saw this and encouraged me to go to Human Resources and would attest to my story. But, they bailed.

I was terminated. I filed with the EEOC and lost because others wouldn’t come forward. Sexual orientation, sexual discrimination and race are given more credibility than ADHD. Companies have all the power. I did all the “right” things and lost because termination from ADHD is hard to prove.

I am proud of my tenacity to stand up for myself and taking on a company and ADHD laws need to be stronger.

Ann McConnell