my son screaming in silence for help suffers adhd

My son’s name is Dominic, he was diagnosed with ADHD by the age of 6 but I knew something was not okay since he was 18 months old.

He lives in his little world, he fights his own battles with his enclosed thoughts everyday, too many thoughts twirling like a tornado is hard for me to catch up.

Every day is a struggle at school, kids are mean and he is the target of the bullies, the jokes, the name calling. He doesn’t understand why people is mean to him? why he doesn’t have friends? why he rides the special needs bus? while I listen here trying to pretend I understand and to make him believe I can protect him from anything, but I can’t fight his battles, I can’t answer all those questions I feel like I am tied and only can wish I can transfer all my strength to him just to keep going day by day.

Sometimes I wish I was there, in school and I was able to stand up for him and all others kids that somewhat are different. It only takes one person to change the situation.

moma bear