Training at Man Utd

My son has not been diagnosed yet, but having talked to lots of parents and our perpetration, we have a very strong possibility that this is the case.

My 6yr old son was scouted by man utd, he managed 4 training sessions before the centre manager lost it, and then left me a voicemail saying my son was no longer allowed to attend. He blamed it on the fact my wife had entered the hall without permission to console my son, with said manager in the immediate vicinity. This followed his raging outburst at the fact my son had kicked the ball inappropriately, slamming his clipboard down and stomping over to demand he speak with a parent. My son stood in the middle of the hall in tears, what else would she do?….he is above average at football, his attention is limited, we don’t expect anything from him, other than a watching him do something he is very passionate about. As you are aware, he will not retain focus for long periods, but to last this long is an achievement when ignorance prevails

Darren Jones