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ADHD Awareness Month Video Contest

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What do you want the world to know about ADHD?

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Here's Alan Brown from ADD Crusher to share exciting news about the ADHD Awareness Month video contest and his best procrastination-crushing tip to get started.Here’s Rick Green from TotallyADD with great information and surprising facts about ADHD for ADHD Awareness Month.

Be warned: Rick is funny.

Submission open on Thursday, August 15

The ADHD Awareness Month Coalition is committed to educating people about ADHD by providing user-friendly information, removing stigma, and empowering people to minimize the impairments and challenges of ADHD so they can unleash their strengths and create a life they love.

Create a short video using the theme Facts and Myths to share your experience or best tip for living with ADHD or supporting someone who has ADHD. What do you want the world to know about ADHD?

Here are the Contest Rules and the Contest Submission Form