ADHD Awareness is Key
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Struggled my ENTIRE life

I am a 49 y/o, female diagnosed with Adult ADHD (INattentive Type). I was FINALLY AND correctly diagnosed @ the age of 42. I know beyond a doubt that I have suffered my ENTIRE life (pre-diagnosis). It got worse as I entered high school and through college, it tended to get the best of me. … Read more

Struggles with Connection

I was diagnosed young so I grew up knowing I had ADHD but it didn’t help me it just gave me the cause of some behaviors. I am terrified of people knowing when im on my medication or not because im scared of them liking me more when im on it i sometimes wish i … Read more

Discovery: A New Journey Begins

Embarking on this journey was like navigating a labyrinth within. While I wore a mask of normalcy, there lay beneath it a secret I didn’t quite grasp. For what felt like an eternity, my mind hungered for a challenge, thirsting for intellectual spark. Joining my recent job 4 years ago cast a shadow on my … Read more

Super Mom’s Super Powers

My name is Sara. I was diagnosed in 2022 with ADHD at 46 years old after complaining to my therapist that my partner was complaining all the time about my interrupting him and not listening or remembering what he was saying. I was given a short “you may be ADHD” test and referred out to … Read more


I often prefer to express myself via the medium of pop music. Original thought is always a collaboration. This is my moment to thank those clever bastards, OK Go, for all that they are and all that they do. For me it gives whoever needs to know a 3-minute , clear, concise (whilst beautiful and … Read more

I don’t want to sit still

I was always told to pipe down. To sit still, talk slower, I was told I was “a bit odd”, but doctors and teachers still believed I “completely normal.” Normal, but very forgetful, and it felt like I was running in a dream – you know, one of those nightmares where something’s chasing you but … Read more

ADHD and Entrepreneurship

ADHD affects people differently. Some thrive with structured jobs while others, like me, prefer entrepreneurial freedom. If you’re an entrepreneur with ADHD or aspire to be, consider these strategies I’ve found helpful: Morning Tasks: Setting early tasks gets me out of bed and kickstarts my day. Assertiveness: People might assume your schedule is flexible. Learn … Read more

My Life Through a New Lens

I discovered my ADHD after my son was diagnosed. I saw so much of myself in the information I was reading, and I began looking back on my life from a new perspective. The perfectionism and pressure I put on myself to be a high achiever, while always struggling with organization, procrastination, and motivation. Being … Read more

The Importance of Self-Advocacy When Diagnosed

From a young age, I suspected I might have ADHD. When I initially voiced my concerns, they were dismissed, despite my academic underperformance. In college, my inability to focus, even in prayer, led to frustration. Determined to address this, I sought an ADHD diagnosis. One physician briefly assessed me, dismissing my concerns based on good … Read more

Transforming Life Through Sleep

Passionate about sleep, I faced challenges resting at night. As a child, I’d lie awake, consumed by profound thoughts—be it the physics of drilling through Earth or paralleling Saint Thomas Aquinas’ philosophical proofs, despite never reading his works. My nighttime ponderings might be attributed to ADHD or early exposure to mature challenges, like my parents’ … Read more