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ADHD Awareness 2023

Our ADHD experts provide a lot of great information about ADHD, answering common questions, busting myths, and talking about different aspects of ADHD life.

30 questions answered by ADHD experts

ADHD professionals bust common myths

Short video interviews with our ADHD experts

We're looking for your experiences

Share your ADHD experiences

Your perspective is important. Share your ADHD experience with a story, art, or meme. Selected content will be highlighed on our website and social media.

drawing of head with colored dots for hair
child hiding in cushions


You can't tell by looking!

Four areas of ADHD

Each week during October we will focus on one of four areas of experience:

Our Goal

ADHD is one of the most common mental health conditions affecting children and adults. But it is often misunderstood. ADHD Awareness Month's goal is to correct these misunderstandings and highlight the shared experiences of the ADHD community.

2023 ADHD international conference