October is the ADHD Awareness Month

Our theme this year is   Setting the Record Straight.
Armed with recent information about ADHD and research-supported practices, life can be better for you and those you know with ADHD.

Check out the information on our site and those of our supporters. In addition to sharing the facts and dispelling the myths about ADHD, you can help set the record straight:

Submissions are in! Vote for your favorite videos.
Share your ADHD story through the written word from the perspective of a person with ADHD, or a person who loves or works someone with ADHD.
Share your art: We’d love to see your photos or other images that show what ADHD looks like or feels like to you.
Submit your ideas for the 2018 meme contest through October 29 and vote for your favorites until October 30. You can find the rules here.
Register for the 2018 Annual International Conference on ADHD to be held November 8 – 11, 2018 in St. Louis, MO.


Want some inspiration for your video? See 2017 ADHD Awareness Month videos here.
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