What You Can Do

Resources and information are available here and from each of the coalition’s member organizations.

Here are some ideas:

  • Hold a webinar or teleclass
  • Present at a local community meeting such as a Rotary Club, Parent Teacher Organization, Mental Health Support group, or Faith based group.
  • Contact organizations in your community to recognize and hold ADHD Awareness Month activities.
  • Write to legislators to inform them of awareness month and ask for their participation in your events.
  • Contact a State Legislator to have your State declare ADHD Awareness Month. (Google: “yourstatename legislature”).
  • Print the poster available here as pdf and here as a .jpg image and post it throughout your community.
  • Arrange for a local library or community center display on ADHD.
  • Print up these fact sheets about ADHD and leave copies with libraries, pharmacies, and your local media (newspapers, and radio and TV stations).
  • Do not feel limited to the month of October. Keep spreading the word and holding activities throughout the month of October.