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Attention Stance

My tip to parents: Teach your child this eyes-on-you attention stance and reward the behavior. Submitted by: Terry Children’s Category: Submitted 2017

The ADD Couple

This video is us — the ADD Couple — sharing one of our favorite tips that has helped make our life a little easier and our goals more achievable. Submitted by: Geoffrey Rafe Hall and Jen Fotheringham Adult Category 2017

ADHD & Teen Driving

ADHD Coach and Mom of an ADHD teen offers 3 tips when teaching your ADHD teen to drive. Submitted by: Jennifer Kampfe Professional Category: Submitted 2017

Perfectionism could have stopped me

Happy Awareness Month 2017 Perfectionism could have stopped me from posting this video but I didn’t let it win. Submitted by: Keith Griffin, ACC Professional Category: Submitted 2017

ADHD in my children

After thousands of takes to get a perfect video from my kids, Robbie 11 & Arika 10, I realized the bloopers were actually a better explanation of ADHD Submitted by: Krista Collins Family Category: Submitted 2017

A letter to my younger self

I want to describe how it was growing up with ADHD and be diagnosed later at 18 years old and how it exists with other co-morbidities. Submitted by: Sabeeca Sajid Adult Category: Submitted 2017

ADHD and Self Advocacy

Sometimes it is difficult to be your own self-advocate. Here are tips for college students to improve their self-advocacy skills! Submitted by: Christine L. Robinson, M.Ed. Professional Category 2017