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I’ve learned to keep moving forward…

For me, having ADHD is like walking one step in front of a rain cloud, two steps in front of a thunderstorm [and], three steps in front of a tornado. Forgetting things, making careless errors, being confused. … these things can create havoc! The important thing I’ve learned is to accept errors as quickly as … Read more

The world came into focus…

When I first took ADHD medications it was just like the first time I got glasses…the world came into focus. I just wish I could have had them forty years ago. My life would be very different. – Anonymous

It was a relief to learn I wasn’t just lazy…

It was a relief when I was diagnosed at age 46 and a lot of my past made sense. I wasn’t just lazy. The medication and awareness has helped me to adjust and cope. I can appreciate my strengths and work on my weaknesses now instead of just feeling like a loser. – Anonymous

I felt like a wind up toy but I never wound down…

I was diagnosed with ADHD last October on my 27th Birthday. I always felt different, although I was bright, creative, and friendly. Still, I was overwhelmed with a sense of being encapsulated in a bubble. I could see out, but I couldn’t reach out. I didn’t connect on the same level as the other kids. … Read more