ADHD Awareness is Key
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Survey results

The ADHD Awareness Coalition conducted the survey to increase awareness and understanding of the disorder. It revealed that:

  • ADHD impacts aspects of work and school for adults and children living with the condition.
  • many people with ADHD have been diagnosed with, or suspect presence of, other health conditions including anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

The survey covered many areas of life impacted by ADHD including employment among adults and satisfaction with school in children, as reported by parents.

Job history of adults with ADHD

Adults reporting having employment changes:

Lost or changed jobs due to ADHD60%
Having more than 4 jobs in 10 years36%
More than 10 jobs in 10 years6.5%

Finding the right career and asking for some minor accommodations on the job can be the keys to achieving success in the workplace.

Children’s satisfaction with school and social situations

Parents reporting on children with ADHD being dissatisfied:

with school life44%
with social life41%

After receiving appropriate treatment and classroom supports, most children with ADHD are able to pay attention and improve their school performance.

Associated Conditions

The incidence of co-occurring/additional conditions in both adults and children with ADHD:

Children withAdults with
parents suspecting
additional conditions
anxiety29%35% 42% 33%
depression19%15% 63% 26%
sleep disorders14%38%28%43%

Surrounding yourself with people who understand that ADHD is a real disability and finding the right treatment plan can help an individual manage the day-to-day challenges that come with an ADHD diagnosis, in addition to associated conditions affecting many adults and children with ADHD.

Manage symptoms with exercise

The survey also indicated that many adults and children use exercise as a mechanism to manage symptoms,

currently using exercise as a way to manage symptoms>40%>40%
in the past used exercise as a way to manage symptoms>50%>39%

A total treatment plan may include a combination of medical treatment, behavior modification and/or coaching to dramatically improve the quality of life for children and adults living with ADHD. Developing a personal treatment plan helps individuals manage their symptoms and succeed at work and school and sustain meaningful relationships with family