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My life is a mess


My life is a mess with a lot going on my mind depression and anxiety and panic attacks and PTSD and ADHD Michelle McCormack/p>

Categories Art

You Should’ve Feared Me More

cartoon of woman

Avatar: The Last Airbender circulates consistently amist silent desire to watch a new show. I’ve feared my ADHD would consume my humanity. Sarah St Sauver

Categories Art

Sensory Overload

strings thru a small hole

When info enters my brain, it feels like it gets scrambled. Some of it is amplified. Some minimized. Some lost. Not sure what’s important or not. Briana Quinlan

Categories Art

Fun House

A peek inside my brain at all the colorful weird rabbit holes I fall into daily. My curiosity is a never ending trippy magical madness. Denise Ann

Categories Art

What I do reflects back to others

black and white photo of river in winter

As an adult with ADHD my Photography is an escape I’m always looking for windows into a world I felt I never belonged in. I have ADHD, I went back to school at 40 Studied Art, Photography and Multimedia( 3 Diplomas) as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with Photography…weather, clouds and rain. … Read more

Categories Art

Focus Doodles

pencil drawings of faces

This is a compilation of my doodles, drawn to help me focus in meetings and classes. Except for the doodle of my dog Ryder, the people are imaginary. Andy Lang

Categories Art

Red Clovers

flower on log

I took this picture today, wondering in the middle of a field. I felt calm and free and forgot all about my ADHD. Sometimes it’s nice to let go. Sailamaria

Categories Art

Sowing Still 2

Abstract art

Showing myself my emotions. Allows me to sow the seed Now grounds me Allowing me to grow. My ADHD my work is a little manic and beautiful. Aimee Timpson

Categories Art


Image of space

The photo depicts a complex of nebulae in the Orion constellation. Astrophotography is my ADHD hyper-focus driven passion and I love to share it Jan Ossowski

Categories Art

Caged In Class

My work shows the way I feel in the class room setting, defeated, and caged, unable to express myself the way I know I was born too. Let me out!!! Maggie Costello

Categories Art