ADHD Awareness is Key
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The Day Will Come

Sharing common struggles is an invitation to understand each other better. Stephanie Wilson

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she is adhd. she says always hold me with your arms. Teach me everything. I am very safe in this world. always be with me, Mom I love you harshini

Categories Art


This is Cat. She has ADHD and she is saying things that people aren’t expecting. >Naomi LaTour

Categories Art

Thought Zephyrs

thought zephytd

A depiction of the little thought streams that the ADHD mind travels on where disconnected concepts converge and flow. The relentlessly busy mind. Ilia Chidzey

Categories Art

Galaxy Brain

The ADHD brain is like a galaxy: it swirls and moves constantly and never stops creating a myriad of new and exciting ideas! Annabel Louise Walker

Categories Art

My life is a mess


My life is a mess with a lot going on my mind depression and anxiety and panic attacks and PTSD and ADHD

Michelle McCormack

Categories Art

You Should’ve Feared Me More

cartoon of woman

Avatar: The Last Airbender circulates consistently amist silent desire to watch a new show. I’ve feared my ADHD would consume my humanity. Sarah St Sauver

Categories Art

Sensory Overload

strings thru a small hole

When info enters my brain, it feels like it gets scrambled. Some of it is amplified. Some minimized. Some lost. Not sure what’s important or not. Briana Quinlan

Categories Art

Fun House

A peek inside my brain at all the colorful weird rabbit holes I fall into daily. My curiosity is a never ending trippy magical madness. Denise Ann

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