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Far IN the crowd

Overwelled by stimuli as a kid; my copying mechanism became to focus on one ; put it in the background and then simultaneously listen to the teacher. I became a swimmer -which had similar effects. Here is a poem to describe what this felt like.

A coin splash 💦 , then a plop on the pool floor
You follow; a bigger splash but no plop 🏊‍♀️
Just motion, calm, as freedom follows immersion , then imagination 🦋🌊
More splashes, more plops, even voices – but they are very faded
This space, this time, this moment, is yours to fill, to feel
In the water you are far in the swimming crowd

The repetition of sums and the unending folk tales have you restless
Through the windows, the bright camelia 🌺 draws you into its petals
It’s beautiful in here; you put your color pens onto paper p🖊 🖼 before the moment goes away
In the petal , you are far in the class crowd

Kuda Tandi

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