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Stories about Getting Treatment for my ADHD

How Do the Different ADHD Treatment Options Work?

There several options in creating an ADD treatment plan. Working with the healthcare provider, you can decide what is best to include in your child’s or your own plan.

What Are Some of the Myths About Treatment?

Dr. Margaret H. Sibley discusses what to do if you’re interested in a supplementary or alternative ADHD treatment you have learned about online.

What is a Comprehensive Treatment Plan for ADHD?

ADHD is best treated using a combination of different medical and therapeutic interventions, along with lifestyle supports. The combination of intervention and supports should be tailored to the needs of the individual.

Late in life ADHD diagnosis – best day of my life

My ADHD diagnosis at the age of 46 changed my world! I always felt like I didn’t fit in, I didn’t get things like other people seemed too. In meetings, I could never work out when it was my time to speak, regularly interrupting others. I always felt I had to work extra hard, extra … Read more

Drums saved my ADHD

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 12 years old and I was off the medication at around 14 years old. Around that age, I started playing drums for my middle school band to get an easy A on a report card. Little did I know, it actually helped me. I’m 28 years old … Read more

My ADHD Strengths Are Responsible for My Corporate and Entrepreneurial Success

I  was undiagnosed for decades and decades. When I was sent off to a therapist by the person I was living with in the early 1990s, he said, “I was far too successful to even consider ADHD.”I had managed my ADHD with exercise and nutrition from the time I was a child. As a 3-year-old … Read more

ADHD ruined my life & saved it

My parents enrolled me in acting classes at 3 as a way of managing my ‘inability to stay still for any length of time.’ I was diagnosed with ADHD at 13; it came as no surprise to my parents. Being a performer on stage has been my mainstay; I have experienced much anguish & turbulence … Read more

ADHD, PhD, & Meds

Growing up, ADHD was still stigmatized so it was treated as a “personality” problem & told things like, “girls don’t have ADHD” & “you can’t have ADHD, you’re smart.” So, like many others, I did my best to blend in & find tricks to keep myself “normal” & survive like tapping my feet & submerging … Read more

The Long Haul

The hardest thing starting at about three was my disturbed mind banging my head on the floor, later my attention-seeking behaviour always for the wrong reasons at my frustration at school. My mother got the blame as a bad parent but she was driven so never gave up. It turned into OCD from seven then … Read more

Shine and Surprise!

I harness my potential, using a multi-modal approach, including Lifestyle modification, life-skills training and some Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Lifestyle modifications imply The ‘MEDS-H’ approach, that is, Meditation, Exercise, Diet including supplements, adequate Sleep and Human connection.Important behavioral principles comprise of practicing the pause and working on my listening skills. Honing my communication skills through a … Read more