ADHD Awareness is Key
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Thank you to our Common Questions, Reliable Answers contributors

How are ADHD and executive functioning related?Dr. Thomas Brown
What are some ways to reduce stress with ADHD?Dr. Lidia Zylowska
What are the risk factors during the coronavirus pandemic for people with ADHD?Dr. Margaret Sibley
What causes ADHD? Prof. Barbara Franke
What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking ADHD medication?Dr. Stephen Faraone
What is the relationship between ADHD and obesity or eating habits?Dr. Shirley Hershko
How common is ADHD in children and adults?Catharina Hartman
What does a comprehensive treatment plan look like/include? AdultsAri Tuckman, PsyD, CST
What is the connection between ADHD and sleep problems?Prof. Sandra Kooij, MD
What other diagnoses are seen with ADHD?Prof. Andreas Reif, MD
What is the relationship between ADHD and emotional regulation?Dr. Russell Barkley
What does a comprehensive treatment plan look like/include? childrenProf Eric Taylor, PhD
What is the difference in ADHD in males and females?Dr. Michelle Frank
Why is it important to diagnose and treat ADHD in adulthood?Evelyn Polk Green, MSEd
How can people with ADHD eat healthier?Dr. Shirley Hershko
What are the most common relationship issues when one partner has ADHD?Melissa Orlov
If my child has extra time, and other accommodations at school isn't that cheating? Maragert Wiess, MD, PhD, FRCP(C)
What is ADHD coaching?Tamara Rosier, PhD
Why does ADHD seem to run in familiesProf. Barbara Franke
How can I best parent my ADHD child? (include parent with ADHD)Ms. Elaine Taylor-Klaus
Why should I consider parent training?Sharon Saline, PsyD
What are the long-term health implications of ADHD?Dr. Russell Barkley
If my child is diagnosed with ADHD, won’t they be labeled?Mark Katz, PhD
Are there supplements that can improve ADHD symptoms?Prof. Julia Rucklidge
Why are there so many people with ADHD in the prison population?Dr Phil Anderton
What are the advantages and disadvantages of disclosing at work that I have ADHD?Mr. Hans van de Velde
Aren't medications for ADHD just different versions of illicit drugs?Dr. Craig Surman
Isn’t ADHD just an excuse for laziness?Dr. Thomas Brown
What can help people with ADHD who need to spend a lot of time on their computers?Roland Rotz, PhD
Can you have a successful life with ADHD?Duane Gordon
Where can I find reliable ADHD information and resources?ADHD Awareness Month Coalition