ADHD Awareness is Key
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ADHD and Entrepreneurship

ADHD affects people differently. Some thrive with structured jobs while others, like me, prefer entrepreneurial freedom. If you’re an entrepreneur with ADHD or aspire to be, consider these strategies I’ve found helpful:

  • Morning Tasks: Setting early tasks gets me out of bed and kickstarts my day.
  • Assertiveness: People might assume your schedule is flexible. Learn to say no and guard your time.
  • Weekly Planning: Every Monday, I draft a plan for the week. This personal contract boosts my productivity.
  • Self-Care: Recognize when you need breaks. Avoiding burnout is essential, especially when you’re the driving force behind your business.
  • Utilize Strengths: I leverage my strength as an “ideas guy” in marketing. Find experts, like Ashley for marketing advice, to fill knowledge gaps.
  • Prioritize Fun: If I don’t enjoy a task, it’s less likely to be completed. Adding music or other enjoyable elements can uplift the working spirit.
  • Engage a Coach: My coach keeps me motivated and helps navigate obs