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Stories about Relationships

My Journey With ADHD and My Family

Hi, my name is Adam. I’d like to share some of my experiences mainly with school. I would also like to include advice for students, like myself. First off, I was diagnosed with ADHD (with a focus on the deficit part) at the age of maybe 10. I’m 20 now, and I still don’t quite … Read more

ADHD: A Journey of Struggles and Successes

I am a mom of four children, all with ADHD. My youngest who is now 25 years old, prompted me to realize the need for more education and advocacy on his part. It seemed no one understood this invisible medical diagnosis. When you have a child with combined ADHD, the behaviors become the this child … Read more

Hiding Beneath Anxiety & Anger

I have a nail-biter. My 10-year old middle son is also the family’s Head of Health & Safety. He has always been a cautious, teetering on anxious, soul. Post-pandemic, however, his anxiety sky rocketed and school, which he’d previously enjoyed, became a struggle. He was terrified of not ‘fitting in’ and of not being ‘good … Read more

Tips for other families

From a parental perspective our story is more about a fight against high tides in our society. Yes, fighting for some new methods such as QEEG scan of the brain to be recognised as a very helpful tool, is unbelievably hard but rewarding. Fighting with school in time of no financial resources for school assessment … Read more


Meet Sarah. She is smart, funny, strong willed, and loving beyond measure. She fills my life with the unexpected but equally fills it with the most genuine love I’ve ever known. Sarah is in Kindergarten and is learning to read. She has learned to write the word “love” and often colors pictures for me and … Read more

I Am Not Distracted – A Poem

I AM NOT DISTRACTED I’m always getting in troubleThe grownups always shoutThey think it’s me who’s got it wrongOf this they have no doubt Ok , sure, I move a lotBut why is that so wrongI may be hanging upside downBut I’m also following along They like to say they couldn’t hearIf they were staring … Read more

Living in Hope

Before my husband was diagnosed I though there was something wrong with me. I was suffering for severe anxiety living with my husband, son and daughter who all had ADHD. Through counseling for myself, my unsaid joined thinking of course he was going to help with my anxiety. In turn, the psychologist recommended he be … Read more