ADHD Awareness is Key
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ADHD is my super power
and my Kryptonite

Some people think that ADHD doesn’t exist; some of them think that we just need to be “disciplined” for misbehaving and not acting appropriately for our age. Some non-ADHD people are even using it as an excuse for procrastinating and for being lazy. It is sad that most people know only the myths about ADHD.

ADHD is always more than that. ADHD is both a super power and our Kryptonite. We sometimes feel limitless and are hyperfocused, but we do not always know when to stop. We sometimes think that we can do everything and everything is well planned, but three days later we find ourselves on a ball-pit of failure slowly swallowing us. There are times that we cannot really function well and unable to find motivation to finish a task and so we blame dopamine. We are an emotional sponge and can cry for almost everything that melts our heart. Emotional hyperactivity or hypersensitivity is sometimes so hard to contain. But ADHD is our strength and our weakness. This is ADHD.