ADHD Awareness is Key
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ADHD. My story. My journey.

As a parent of a child with ADHD you quickly realize from a young age that there is something different about your child. You can’t quite put your finger on it at first but soon others also begin to notice. Once we put our child in Montessori at the age of 2 1/2 was when things started to become more evident. We were getting phone calls from the teachers, he was very disruptive and hands on and couldn’t pay attention during circle time.

We were encouraged to seek help with child professionals. It helped but didn’t solve the problem. My son then started kindergarten. That year he was suspended 3 times.

I then knew I had to take action and sought out to find the best neuropsychologist (which I found) who diagnosed my son with ADHD. It was bittersweet. Sad but also a relief for we now had answers. We chose to medicate and it has been the best decision we ever made.

He can now focus and is able to learn and make better choices. It’s not perfect but he’s now thriving and happy.

– Mary Egglezos