ADHD Awareness is Key
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Becoming an ADHD Fantasy Author

Roller coaster Awareness MonthLife with ADHD can be a magical wonderland; sometimes charming, sometimes dark. This is the inspiration for the ADHD fantasy I write. It’s fantasy that takes place inside the mind of someone you know. Possibly love. Maybe, yourself.

Although I managed to earn a PhD, learn four foreign languages and homeschool three kids through high-school, some things always remain a struggle for me. Like punctuality. Listening to you talking to me. Remembering where my phone is. And where it is now. And now.

Decades in, I learned my spacey over-enthusiasm had a name. I also noticed I managed quite a lot despite it, or was it through it? I fail to perform the obvious, but shine in the unique. While others smoothly move from A to B, I lose my way, but get to M, A, G, I and C instead.

I’m grateful for my ADHD, without which “ADventures Heading up and Down” and “Distracted Magic” –my ADHD fantasy writings – would never have been born.

Join my journey, and own your own ADHD!

Adva Shaviv

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