ADHD Awareness is Key
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Learning to breathe again

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Sat in a hospital puzzled and confused, I had an untreated eating disorder, untreated alcoholism and undiagnosed ADHD. I had almost given up trying – even trying to breathe. Comments like these were all too familiar,
“You just need to apply yourself or try a bit harder.”
“You have so much potential”

My family always joked about me having ADHD but the other struggles I had at the time needed urgent attention.

After many setbacks, I got sober with the help of a 12 step fellowship and a higher power. At a year sober I realised that life isn’t meant to be this hard. The harder I tried, the more disheartened I felt. Especially when comparing myself to others around me. ADHD popped into my head. I did some research and for the first time, I felt hope.

Finally at the age of 28, I was diagnosed with ADHD and treated with medication and therapy. Life can still be painful and unfair but it’s also exciting and meaningful. I am finally learning to breathe again.


1 thought on “Learning to breathe again”

  1. the “you have so much potential” comment!! i got that so many times growing up and it made me so frustrated! i also wasn’t diagnosed until my late 20s. i’m so glad we both found an explanation for these things. 🙂


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