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Myth: People with ADHD just can’t concentrate

Fact: Individuals with ADHD can concentrate when they are interested in or intrigued by what they are doing. By ADHD Coaches Organization, Inc. We’re sure you’ve heard the jokes, or have seen the memes, relating ADHD to a verbal outburst: “Hey, look! A squirrel!” In Disney’s 2009 animated movie Up, a dog named Dug is … Read more

MYTH: ADHD is overdiagnosed

Fact: The rates with which ADHD is diagnosed vary so much primarily due to diagnostic criteria and measurement methods used. by Eric Taylor, FRCP FRCPsych(Hon) FMedSci When people say that “ADHD is overdiagnosed” they are usually referring to the routine practice in a particular region or country. The rates with which ADHD is diagnosed do … Read more

MYTH: ADHD is Caused by Bad Parenting (Part 2)

FACT: Researchers do not yet know exactly what causes ADHD.Brain-imaging studies show that differences in brain structure and wiring cause problems with attention, impulse control and motivation. by Elaine Taylor-Klaus For parents of kids with ADHD, the struggle is real. As an invisible condition, ADHD is difficult to diagnose and treat. In addition, children are … Read more

Myth: Only boys have ADHD

FACT: Boys are diagnosed two to three times as often as girls, but about 4.2% of girls have received a diagnosis of ADHD at some point in their life (and that’s not none!). By Michelle Frank, Psy.D. Since ADHD was first studied in the late 1700’s, it has predominantly been studied in boys: white, hyperactive, … Read more

Myth: Everyone has a little ADHD

Fact: Everyone does not have a physical difference in their brain. by the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) When people say things like, “Everyone has a little bit of ADHD these days!” they mean everyone exhibits some behaviors like the symptoms of ADHD. They don’t mean everyone has a physical difference in their brains. It’s … Read more

MYTH: ADHD is caused by bad parenting

FACT: Parents do not cause ADHD. The disorder comes from the accumulation of many environmental and genetic risk factors. Stephen V. Faraone, PhD. The idea that parents cause ADHD arose from the naïve observation that children with ADHD frequently misbehaved, along with the belief that misbehavior was a sign of poor parenting. Although it is … Read more

MYTH: ADHD medication is addictive

FACT: The therapeutic use of stimulant medications for ADHD prevents addiction By Stephen V. Faraone, PhD There are two classes of stimulant medications for ADHD: methylphenidate (MPH) and amphetamine (AMP). Each of these medications is available in several long and short acting formulations, the availability of which differs among countries. Examples of MPH products are … Read more

MYTH: Children with ADHD just need more discipline

FACT: Developmental studies that have followed families over time concluded that discipline and relationship problems in families are the consequences of ADHD behavior problems in the children, not the cause.
Read Dr. Eric Taylor’s fact sheet.

MYTH: ADHD is just an excuse for laziness

Fact: ADHD is really a problem with the chemical dynamics of the brain and it’s not under voluntary control. by Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D. It’s easy to see why many people believe that ADHD is just an excuse for laziness. Everybody who has this disorder has a few activities or tasks where they have no … Read more

MYTH: Children Grow Out of ADHD

Fact: While some children may recover from their disorder by age 21 or 27, the full disorder or at least significant symptoms and impairments persist in 50-86% of cases. Russell A. Barkley, PhD In the 1970s, when I first came into my profession (clinical child neuropsychology), it had been commonplace to view ADHD, or its … Read more