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Better Late Than Never

I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 46. As a child, I remember getting in trouble for talking too much, daydreaming on the soccer field, and writing poems instead of sleeping. As an adult, I let dishes pile up, forgot to pay bills, and was often late. And for a long time, everything was okay. … Read more

ADHD in Perimenopause and Menopause

Lisa Uotinen

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 50, after having gone through 5 years of difficulty with focus and attention. I went through a period of “grief”, because I had lived so many years in turmoil without knowledge of ADHD or treatment. Now, however, I am moving to a place of hope and … Read more

A child heard but not seen

Lucien Sorce

I’m Lucien and I work at a global software company. At my school teachers deemed my grades acceptable, along with my acceptance to a top 20 University to study chemistry; I wasn’t SEEN as a student with ADHD as it was associated with ‘naughty’ or ‘hyperactive’ students only. Instead I was labelled as lazy, disorganised … Read more

Validation, Acceptance, and Management

In the 4th grade I was chosen to participate in a program called Academically Talented Children. Although cognitively able to meet those high expectations, I did not have the executive function necessary to be successful in such an advanced program. I had no motivation to do school. I wanted to socialize and challenge rules. I … Read more

The best thing I ever did was go to my GP

My spouse repeated the question for a fifth time, staring at me like I’d grown an extra head. I still didn’t understand. I wanted to listen but I couldn’t make the sounds have meaning, no matter how hard I tried. At 33, I felt broken. I couldn’t concentrate, my mind constantly whirred, and I had … Read more

I’m Alex, and I have an ADHD diagnosis

For me ADHD is a superpower. With the right medication it’s super helpful. It takes away some privileges but did you know I love having an ADHD diagnosis even though it takes those privileges away? It makes me learn so fast that I am in the gifted class on Thursday’s. It also makes me moody … Read more

Losing My Shame

For so long, I bought into the labels given me – “space-cadet,” “blonde,” “day dreamer,” “inattentive,” and “careless.” I heard the words of my father in my head, “Sherri, remember to engage your brain BEFORE…” If only it were that easy. I continually lost and misplaced things, forgot important dates, and left projects half finished … Read more