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Diagnosed Late With Adult ADD

Diagnosed in early 40’s. This after years of struggling to understand why I struggled when others seem to cruise thru.

Long story short. I am now 57 and really its a wonder I am alive. When I was kid they didn’t know about ADD. I struggled thru school (managed to graduate college) but not knowing .. I became hermit abusing drugs and alcohol.. Because with them at least I could have semblance of what I wanted.. A normal life. – Ha! A normal life.. Imagine that. As if sitting in a dark tavern day after day is normal.

Its not fun to want to fit-in but cannot because of this stupid disorder.. Eventually I ended up in AA. its a marvelous organization. After 5 years of sobriety I still knew something was wrong. I went to psych doc and guess what? I had ADD. He have me Adderall and all the sudden I could see after being blind for entire life. I have disappointment that so many years wasted but I can live with it now. I could go on but limit of words here. Good luck to all!