ADHD Awareness is Key
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Don’t be ashamed of ADHD

Don’t let anyone shame you for having ADHD. All we can do is spread awareness and teach the world this frustrating struggle.

I’ve had ADHD my whole life and my family, friends, and even teachers would shame me or make fun of me. That I’m “blonde,” annoying, frustrating because my brain doesn’t process as fast as theirs do. My parents barely helped me with treatment.

I was put on meds when I was 5 and by third grade it was taken away. I developed anxiety and depression by age 12. My parents didn’t want me to take any kind of medication and I didn’t receive treatment again until I was 16.

I’m 20 now and still struggling with ADHD. Right now I don’t have access to my medicine but it helps so much. It’s ok to depend on your medication as long as it helps you. Don’t let anyone shame you for taking pills to help your mental disorder.

Katie Belle
[Slightly edited]