ADHD Awareness is Key
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I Love My ADHD Diagnosis

At age 41, I have been diagnosed with adult ADHD and it has literally changed my life.

For so long, particularly since a motor vehicle accident a decade ago (I bumped my head), I haven’t been able to get any control over my mood swings, attention, concentration and memory loss. I pushed as hard as I could to hold onto my employment, until it was too hard … I was worn out. “PTSD”, “depression” I was told, and a slew of SSRIs followed. It felt like things were getting worse instead of better. How could this be?

Finally, I built up the strength to change Drs, and start afresh.

“What if it was something?” … I asked myself. Truth is I’d never considered ADHD. That’s not me, I said to myself.

After seeing scans of my brain & learning what ADHD actually is, FINALLY everything made sense. Three months into a new treatment program, I’m a new me. The right meds, the right help.

Everyday I am learning how my ADHD makes me who I am, and better yet, how it makes my life better. I love my ADHD.