ADHD Awareness is Key
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I was a lost soul, driving blindly in the fast lane.

Henry LamMy life was a foggy and fast-forwarded movie. I jumped from project to project, and person to person. I was prescribed depression and anxiety medicines, but never took them. It was chaos at home and boredom/daydreaming at school. Friends, school, chores, and career prospects were hard to manage. Impatience and boredom led me to procrastinating and putting in little effort. I was as intelligent as my peers but couldn’t figure out why I was so behind. Then in 2018 when I was 22 years old, my 8th therapist suggested that I might have ADHD. Soon after, I got diagnosed and it explained everything.

My 3 Positive Successes Afterwards

  1. I became obsessed with becoming the captain of my ADHD and constantly growing.
  2. I became an ADHD coach after experiencing ADHD coaching and that I could use my strengths of helping people, learning, and problem solving. Top Tip: find a mentor, coach, or master to guide you in your new journey.
  3. I became a comedian after discovering my lost self.

Henry Lam