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Living on our island…together

Mother and SonMy son & I are ADDer’s. Unfortunately, some of our family members don’t see the validity of ADD. The worst is telling us to try harder, when to us – we’re trying our very hardest, so how can we try any harder? It’s comparable to telling a blind person to see. We. Just. Can’t.

My son & I compare our ADD lives to that of living on an island. At first, we thought of it as a deserted island. Alone; in despair; no resources; & no way off. We felt like we were deserted.

Through the years of hard work & learning to survive & thrive on our deserted island, our “deserted” island became our “paradise” island. Full of life; in amazement; many resources; & many great paths. We feel like we’re in paradise.

Our ADD no longer scares us because we’ve learned – it’s where our creativity & out-of-the-box thinking comes from. It’s why we have so many great thoughts & ideas & why our interests in this life aren’t confined to just a few.

It’s why we are who we are. And who we are……is pretty great.

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