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My Galaxy Brain’s Destiny

ADHD has shaped my life and has helped me build a successful business. Way back in 2012, I woke up one morning bored; I was bored of my office job and frustrated by the lack of control I had over my own life. That afternoon – irritated and yet strangely enthused – I set up my private tuition business and, in that moment, gained control of my destiny.

Back then I was undiagnosed, but the never-ending creativity and tremendous energy of living with an ADHD brain helped me build a business in under a month. Hyper-focus kicked in from the onset and, in under a year, I had built a sustainable enterprise. Eleven years on, it is my ADHD brain that allows me to run my business: constantly dreaming up incredible new ideas to help children excel in their educational journeys. My tip: chase your destiny and don’t think ADHD will hold you back. If you find that golden opportunity that gets your awesome brain firing, there’s truly nothing that can stop you!

Miss Annabel L Walker