ADHD Awareness is Key
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My Life with ADHD

I was 7 years old when I was diagnosed with ADHD.

I vaguely remember how I was first diagnosed with ADHD. I was put in a test group for a new medication for ADHD called Vyvanse after I was diagnosed. Although I had several people that helped me to understand my ADHD, I was and I still am the only one who can truly understand my ADHD and how to deal with this newly discovered part of my life.

Dealing with my ADHD is what challenges me the most. It is an internal and external struggle for me. I have to deal with it each day. Having ADHD causes me to work extra hard. I have to think about what I say before I speak because I usually have no filter. I just say what is in my mind without thinking about others. This struggle is something that ADHD has forced me to work on.

I have embraced ADHD, instead of ignoring like it was a problem that I just wish would disappear. I have accepted that there is nothing that I can do about my ADHD, so I have just allowed it to be a part of me.