ADHD Awareness is Key
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My daughter is 10, diagnosed at 5. I put her in lots of activities/sports to help make friends. She has known many if these kids for years.

I keep a lot of hurtful things I see/hear about her from her to spare her feelings. The most recent was this weekend. She’s in girl scouts, who have a code about being friends with one another and never leave a scout behind.

Today I see pics posted of a fellow girl scouts roller skating party and pretty much the whole troop was there, except my ADHD child. As her parent, seeing these pictures was painful, so I cried. A LOT!

This happens way too often, and it’s unfair, it’s cruel, its heartbreaking. All I can do is stand by and watch it happen. If she knew all the things I hide, she would he heartbroken. These kids are missing out on an exceptional kid!

K.P.’s biggest fan