ADHD Awareness is Key
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The Importance of Self-Advocacy When Diagnosed

From a young age, I suspected I might have ADHD. When I initially voiced my concerns, they were dismissed, despite my academic underperformance. In college, my inability to focus, even in prayer, led to frustration. Determined to address this, I sought an ADHD diagnosis. One physician briefly assessed me, dismissing my concerns based on good grades, without thorough testing. Not only did her response leave me dejected but also burdened with a hefty bill, since she wasn’t in my insurance network. Encouraged by my mother, I consulted another provider and was diagnosed with ADHD. After several fleeting engagements with temporary psychiatrists, my primary care doctor arranged for a consistent psychiatrist, who has been supportive.

I recount this journey to emphasize the necessity of self-advocacy, especially when living with ADHD. The system may not prioritize your needs. Advocate for yourself, seek those who listen, and remember: challenges don’t define weakness but potential greatness.

Alex Hey