ADHD Awareness is Key
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A Successful Life
Without Knowing I had ADHD

The story starts at age 45. Well, actually it started at birth but I just figured it out.

All the pieces of the past 45 yrs finally made sense. Why I felt always like I struggled while the person next to me breezed through it. Why I always felt foggy and sleepy. Why I can’t drive long distances or sit through meetings. Why my spouse gets so frustrated with me.

From the outside perspective, I have it made. I am a successful physician, married to the love of my life, two on-the-right-path teenagers, and a stable home life.
That’s on the outside.

On the inside has been a daily struggle for decades of exhaustion, anxiety, a racing mind, feelings of have to work twice as hard to get halfway. Not to mention low self esteem.

So how did I get where I am in life? I don’t know. How did I not see it when I see it others and treat it all the time? Nobody helped me before. Nobody was surprised when I figured it out. After grief comes phase 2: with answers comes peace. Finally.

monica O.