ADHD Awareness is Key
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The difficulties of getting an ADHD diagnosis as a woman

As a woman, it can be extremely difficult to get an ADHD diagnosis.
There is not much awareness or recognition of ADHD in women. When I thought it ADHD, I wasn’t listened to by anyone. My GP and therapists all told me I had depression. They put me on so much medication which never helped and I ended up becoming suicidal. I had to move back home, leave my job and my relationship was at his breaking point.

I had to beg my dad to get involved to get me an assessment and shock, horror! I DID end up having ADHD! It is unfair that women have to go through this much hassle to get a diagnosis. I have realised that this is an ongoing issue which needs to be changed. This has inspired me to use my power as a medical professional, to propose a project looking into the diagnostic barriers for women with ADHD. From this project I hope to implement life changing solutions so women don’t have to struggle in the same way I did.