ADHD Awareness is Key
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Mind over Matter

Some time back in an earlier organization, my team-mate Arpi telephoned me from the office while I was on a field trip and working in scorching field conditions in Central India. Arpi, utterly oblivious to my exact situation, brought Shalin from the IT department on the line for a discussion to resolve a pending operational issue. I gave both of them a mouthful since my mind was distracted by the non-conducive working environment during the fieldwork. My response was an exaggerated version of the simple dissent and disagreement, which I could have expressed amicably.

My reaction was detrimental to the task’s fate, which remained undone as a result of a lack of correct direction and guidance to the beleaguered Arpi and Shalin besides denting our relationship.

When your communication gets affected, it becomes all the more difficult to keep commitments. I have realized that regular practice of mindfulness meditation can help the ADHDer when he/she is constantly on the go.

Ratan Shetty