ADHD Awareness is Key
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I don’t want to sit still

I was always told to pipe down. To sit still, talk slower, I was told I was “a bit odd”, but doctors and teachers still believed I “completely normal.” Normal, but very forgetful, and it felt like I was running in a dream – you know, one of those nightmares where something’s chasing you but … Read more

ADHD and Entrepreneurship

ADHD affects people differently. Some thrive with structured jobs while others, like me, prefer entrepreneurial freedom. If you’re an entrepreneur with ADHD or aspire to be, consider these strategies I’ve found helpful: Morning Tasks: Setting early tasks gets me out of bed and kickstarts my day. Assertiveness: People might assume your schedule is flexible. Learn … Read more


Awareness My minds a mess, squirrel moments often, always in the clouds, and full of crazy ideals. My awareness. Sarah Dugan


Vista by Emily Chen

Vista My world is intensely colorful and ever-changing. Sometimes the chaos ignites a spark, which grows into a flame and brings some light into this world. Emily Chen

I am 5

I am 5 by Mel Hartsorn

I am 5 This artwork is a portrait of my son aged 5 when we were going through diagnosis and the drama we dealt with at pre-school then starting school. Mel Hartsorn

Lost in Chaos

Lost in Chaos

Lost in Chaos I have had ADHD my whole life not Diagnosed Till age 25 I am now 45 this drawing was when I medicated I am now back on Dexamphetamine Kirsten Armstrong