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Awareness My minds a mess, squirrel moments often, always in the clouds, and full of crazy ideals. My awareness. Sarah Dugan


Vista by Emily Chen

Vista My world is intensely colorful and ever-changing. Sometimes the chaos ignites a spark, which grows into a flame and brings some light into this world. Emily Chen

I am 5

I am 5 by Mel Hartsorn

I am 5 This artwork is a portrait of my son aged 5 when we were going through diagnosis and the drama we dealt with at pre-school then starting school. Mel Hartsorn

Lost in Chaos

Lost in Chaos

Lost in Chaos I have had ADHD my whole life not Diagnosed Till age 25 I am now 45 this drawing was when I medicated I am now back on Dexamphetamine Kirsten Armstrong

Dr Hallowell – ADHD Awareness Month Tip

What’s one of the best, and yet rarely recognized or discussed, ADHD management tools? Ongoing creative outlets. Submitted by: Edward Hallowell, M.D. Professional Category: Submitted 2018

Parents Need to Control Emotions, Too

When a parent-child conflict is ramping up, job ONE is to Self Regulate. Yelling louder isn’t good for long term results. Submitted by: Sharon Saline Psy.D. Professional Category: Viewers’ Choice Award Winner  2018

A diagnosis Shouldn’t Dictate Your Life

Just a little compilation of how we didn’t let our son’s diagnosis dictate how we live our life Submitted by: Thiago Silva Judges’ Choice Award Winner: Family Category: Submitted 2018