ADHD Awareness is Key
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ADHD can be a Tool

When I first got diagnosed with ADHD, I actually thought I was useless to society. Once starting in my current profession, I learned that my ADHD is a useful tool. We do a sort of processing at my job, and the work is very repetitive. Where my ADHD causes me to hyperfocus on tasks that actually seem soothing to me, I am able to do my processing quicker than anyone else.

I have received many a praise come my way. My manager has called me a superstar. For so long, I looked down upon my ADHD but now I can see that it can actually give me an advantage. This has also caused me to look at life in a more positive light! Life isn’t useless or meaningless. Life is a gift! Not everything about it is perfect, but if you really look at the small things, you realize that life is a beautiful and amazing thing.


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