ADHD, mental illness, and creativity

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I’ve struggled my entire life (starting with memories from preschool) with inattentive ADHD, mental illness, and learning disabilities. I was born ten weeks early, alongside my twin sister, and lived in the NICU for several weeks. I often wonder if my premature birth and low birthweight contribute to some of my struggles. Regardless, I want to share how I use my challenges, particularly ADHD, to my advantage.

All ADHDers here know that hyper-focusing is a huge part of how our brains are wired. When I write, I am often able to transcend into this hyper-focused mindset. I even credit things my conditions such as ADHD, OCD, and bipolar for why I am so creative, especially when it comes to writing.
I am currently in a Master of Fine Arts Creative Writing program. I am composing a novel, one in which the main character struggles with ADHD, mental illness, and addiction. I got this and so do you. I am grateful for my unique brain everyday.

Kelly McNamara

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