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Adult Diagnosis Tips

Identified as an ADHDer at 39…
“Ohhhhh, so that’s what’s been going on! What a relief…I am not a dumb Brown University graduate after all…Maybe they didn’t make a mistake admitting me…
Wait a second!…You mean I went through over 30 years of really hard times when I didn’t have to? If only I had known…” The following month…“I have learned so much about ADHD. Now what? Who am I? What am I here to do?”…The following year…“At first I regretted not knowing I was an ADHDer sooner. Today, I am grateful I didn’t and for every awful experience before my diagnosis and since. They’ve taught me I am smarter, more resilient and capable than I ever thought…” What’s helped? I found an ADHD podcast which led me to connect with a few amazing ADHDers with whom I can laugh, share celebrations, and give and receive support.

Tip 1: Find a few ADHDers and open up.
Tip 2: Find an ADHD Coach who can partner with you to move forward.
Tip 3: Cultivate the abilities to pause, play, and relax.

Shelly Lyons