ADHD Awareness is Key
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A Beautiful Mind

In our home, we refer to ADHD as Super Brain Power.
ADHD is simply a different ability, not a disability, an excuse, or even something negative. The ADHD mind is brilliant.

The associated symptoms are not bad behavior, disrespect, or a result of poor parenting. In fact, ADHD has taught my family the importance of never judging others. It has taught us patience, compassion, and tolerance.

It reminds us that we are each unique and beautifully made. It has shown us the power of resilience, beating the odds, and embracing who we really are. ADHD can be messy, it can be loud, it can be busy. At times you may want to cry, burst in frustration. You may feel alone and misunderstood, like no one knows just how you feel.

You are not alone. You are cared about and deeply admired for all that you over come. You are strong and capable. Your Super Brain Power will always be a part of you and your story. Be proud of who you are, for every quirk. Shine bright and stand tall!

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