ADHD Awareness is Key
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Born to Stand

A child born 7 years ago in a middle class family in Pakistan with a zeal in his eyes and the sparkle to conquer the world; when went to school was unable to even read a word. His parents wanted him to be doctor or an engineer in future; but he had something different in his nature.

He was thrown out of school saying that he needs to see a psychologist. The dreams of parents scattered as he was diagnosed with ADHD co morbid with Dyslexia because ANY SORT OF DISABILITY IS STILL CONSIDERED AS A TABOO IN OUR SOCIETY.

The child was brought to Kazim Trust; a not for profit organization which believes in empowering kids who learn differently. He was given under the assessment of a Professional Clinical Psychologist [name withheld] and within a year he was able to concentrate on reading, learning and writing through positive reinforcement.

Now the child is a happy kid again enrolled in the school and is performing very well with good grades.

Samira Sadiq (Outreach Manager)