ADHD Awareness is Key
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Discovery: A New Journey Begins

Embarking on this journey was like navigating a labyrinth within. While I wore a mask of normalcy, there lay beneath it a secret I didn’t quite grasp.

For what felt like an eternity, my mind hungered for a challenge, thirsting for intellectual spark. Joining my recent job 4 years ago cast a shadow on my spirit, deepening my dance with anxiety and depression.

Seeking refuge, I found solace in therapy. As the depression’s fog lifted, I realized that the anxiety medication quieted my nerves, yet my thoughts wandered rebelliously. The real whirlwind began with my PhD journey which started one year ago. The euphoria of intellectual pursuit, of the exhilarating allure that came with research clashed with a restless mind, amplifying my anxiety.

Revisiting my psychologist led to a revelation: an ADHD diagnosis. Relief flooded in; I felt that I wasn’t unraveling. It was just the unique tapestry of my mind’s design. With a bot more clarity and self-awareness, I begin a new journey of discovery.